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Home from Home

Home from Home 


We aim to ensure each lodge becomes our tenant’s home from home.

Airy and pleasant unfurnished rooms are provided. All that is required is for the tenant to bring their own choosen items of furniture and treasured belongings so that they can personalise their room, settle in, relax and begin to enjoy their new home.

If preferred, Fremington Homes can supply furnished rooms upon request. Our well designed wet rooms provide accessibility to tenants with special needs.

The Hadley Care team are fully aware that our lodges are the tenants’ own homes, they are very respectful towards individuals privacy, they make sure that the tenants run the lodges and not the staff – all staff have training on respecting individuals rights and choices,

Some tenants choose to have their own telephone lines to the lodges: we have WiFi in our lodges providing internet access for tenants and their families.

Some tenants like to chose their own style of carpets and curtains, we are more than happy to be flexible.

Fremington Homes is the landlord and you will have a tenancy agreement as you would for renting any property.

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