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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition Information 


Fremington Homes understands the needs of the elderly so it is no surprise that we are passionate about food. Nutrition is of paramount importance to the health and well-being of our tenants.

Losing the ability to cook for oneself and prepare drinks is one of the tasks that elderly people find difficult.

Each of our tenants is included in meal planning and choosing the groceries and ingredients they like.

The individual’s needs are paramount when it comes to nutrition including their likes and dislikes. Each and every mealtime can be a group affair or left to the individual to prepare meals themselves, if wished. However, it is always a great time when everyone gets together around the dinner table.

We cater for many different dietary requirements: diabetes, gluten free, vegetarian & low salt.  We are very much used to dealing with varying diets for individuals. There is no need to worry we will cater for your needs.

Meal times is a very sociable time in our lodges – it is a good time for a “get together” and food seems to bring out conversation and perhaps afterwards a nice little nap!

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