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About Us

About Fremington Homes

For many years the choice of accommodation available has been limited to only very large care facilities where residents are expected to live alongside lots of others and this in itself can begin to feel very institutionalised. 

Fremington Homes is based on a “supportive living” model where residents have their own private space in a small dwelling and share communal areas where residents can choose to socialise if they so wish.

To ensure that Fremington Homes provide continuity and familiarity for each of our residents, we have one company who provide care to our residents, and that is Hadley Care.  By recommending only one care provider, all of our residents become familiar with the Hadley Care team and their presence in the dwellings is familiar and welcomed, reinforcing a sense of living like a family.  You can of course choose to employ an alternative care provider if you wish.  We do stipulate, however, that the care provider is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  Please ask us for more details.

All of our residents and their families are free to share the facilities in the dwelling and no communal areas are off limits.  We are active in requesting regular feedback about the service that we provide, and not just from our tenants and their families but also from professionals and regulatory bodies.  We pride ourselves of being very mindful of any changes that need to be made to make sure that we are providing a service that fits each individualised needs.

As demand continues to grow we will continue to provide accommodation choices for people who need care.

We are not providing care homes.  We provide accommodation that is sensitively built or adapted, so that it feels like “home”.

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