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When could we move in?

Your tenancy can commence as soon as there is a room free that you are happy with and that we have prepared for you – it may be we need to do a deep clean or we have to wait for a new carpet or decorators. Obviously we want you to move in as soon as is possible.

What if I don't like it?

We offer all our prospective tenants a two-week trial and during this trial we can assess the care that you require and monitor how you settle – this also allows you to make your own choice as to whether it is suitable for you.

Could I try another Lodge?

Yes of course if there is a room in another lodge that you would prefer we can move you. If you claim housing benefit, we would need to re-do an application as this would be a change of address.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes of course once you have made a decision to stay with us you can bring your own things to make your room your own, hang pictures on the walls, etc. If you are staying for us for private respite we will provide your bedding and towels, making your visit simpler for you.

Can I afford to be with you?

Yes – please see our page on Funding.

Can I bring my pet?

If you would like to bring your pet with you, this would need to be agreed with the other tenants and also the staff at the lodge.  We need to check that no one is allergic to pet hair and then make a joint decision.  We do have some lodges with cats, budgies and goldfish!

Is there a set time I have to go to bed?

Not at all you can go to bed and get up whenever you choose.  The night sleeper will settle at 11 pm if you need help after that you may incur extra care charges depending on your needs

I have had the same hairdresser come to my home for years, can she come and do my hair at the lodge?

Of course you can have any visitors and help that you need.  However, please refer to the lodge staff for the current policies regarding visitors due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

What happens if I have a doctors appointment?

If your family or friends are unable to take you then we will use one of our drivers and vehicles – we have wheelchair friendly vehicles.

Can I keep my GP?

This is dependent on what lodge you move into and if you are still in that surgery catchment area, sometimes the GP may say yes.

What is included in the charges?

The support charges cover most things other than hairdressing and chiropody – please see page on Funding.

What if I don't get on with the other tenants in the Lodge?

Well this can happen.  To get to the latter stages of your life and have to live with 5 others that you don’t know is a tall order.  However, I have to say in the main it works really well.  You are able to spend time in your own room for those quiet moments but mostly tenants do find a kindred spirit and this really does enhance lives.

I am a vegetarian, with this be a problem?

We cater for all diets diabetics, gluten free, etc.… it is not a problem you can choose what you would like to eat.  We have a running shopping list that you can add to with your favourites.


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